14 Stations

Scrpitural way of the cross

Forty blogs of Lent

Day 13

The scriptural way of the cross is an alternative to the traditional 14 stations used in Catholic churches introduced in 1991. It follows the story of the arrest trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ whilst avoiding the more mythological elements of the traditional list. So unfortunately Veronica has to go.

Here’s the list:

  1. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane,
  2. Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested,
  3. Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin
  4. Jesus is denied by Peter
  5. Jesus is judged by Pilate,
  6. Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns,
  7. Jesus takes up his cross,
  8. Jesus is helped by Simon to carry his cross,
  9. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem,
  10. Jesus is crucified,
  11. Jesus promises his kingdom to the repentant thief,
  12. Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other,
  13. Jesus dies on the cross,
  14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Through much of the rest of Lent I’ll be doing a blog looking at each of the stations, along with the blogs I’ve already started about  what is happening in the Sunday service and Lent group at Holy Trinity Huddersfield.