Paper chain…

…promises linked to thankfulness

40 blogs of Lent

part 11

Holy Trinity Huddersfield

24 February 2013

This morning the church was unusually warm. 200 years ago how comfortable people are in church seems not to have been a major consideration, our building being a great place to escape the heat of summer: Not too great in winter though.

But last night a group of young people had stayed over in the church, so the heating had been on since Friday night. Even better, they took the service.

Hitting things for Jesus

They took the service with two exceptions, the praaters of consecration of the communion were said by our resident NSM, Dick, and as their worship band had no drummer, I filled the role of percussionist. An honorary youth for the morning, despite being quite literally a grey beard. Hitting things for Jesus, what could be better.

Chain of thankfulness and promises

One thing we did during the service was to take strips of brightly coloured paper and write on one side a promise you are making to God, and on the other side something you are thankful for. these were then linked together to form a multicoloured paper chain, which spent the rest of the service draped over the altar.

A very good enjoyable service.