Forty blogs of Lent

Day 2

Who was Valentine? And how is his saint’s day associated with red roses and chocolate?

The short answer is nobody knows.

What we do know is that Valentine was a real person, matyred near Rome in the mid 200s. Som say he was caught because he married Christian couples, but this is likely to be a later addition to the story.

So why celebrate a third century saint by giving price inflated gifts for a loved one. Again there is a short answer, and my short answer is I don’t care. Any excuse to tell someone you love that you love them is fine by me.

God is not against love, there is a whole book in the Old Testament, The Song of Solomon, which is about love, erotic in parts too.

So let’s celebrate love.

One thought on “HaPPY VaLeNTiNe’S DaY

  1. Tina Cullen

    I quite agree with you. Any opportunity to pay special attention to each other should be grabbed. Long live love!

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