40 Blogs of Lent

Forty blogs of Lent

Day 1

Lent is here again, and once again I am attempting to Blog on the 40 fast days, which gives me Sundays off from blogging (or more likely for catching up on missed ones).

Last year was easier, with a number of old blogs from the old StPixels.com site to catch up on.

This year I have it harder. No reposting of old blogs, so there are the full 40 to write. I will be atending church on Sundays at Holy Trinity Huddersfield, and a lent group midweek, so some may be loosely based on what happens there, whether it is the sermon or a chance remark over coffee. Some of the best things that happen in church happen over coffee.

So on with the Lenten blogging, starts now, and I have no idea what I’ll be writing about, which is exciting.