The preacher went to a lap-dance club

Blogging through Advent 7

The preacher went to a lap-dance club

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, 9 December.

An interesting revelation in yesterday morning’s sermon. How the preacher came to find himself in a lap-dancing club. (Names removed to protect the guilty.)

The theme of that pare of the sermon was prayer, and how prayers are answered.

It happened when he and his wife were on holiday in Florida. It was the last day of their holiday, and on the way to the airport decided to visit Cocoa Beach. The visit was made and it was decided that they should get changed before going to the airport, which they did and distributed the clothes through various suitcases and closed car boot. No that should be car trunk, we are talking America here.

At this point it was realised that the car keys were now in the trunk, and they were both locked out.

Back into the coffee shop where they’d eaten lunch, several phone calls were made. The car hire company said they could send out a locksmith in an hour and a half. That would be cutting things fine to say the least.

Then a van was noticed across the road, emblazoned on the van was the word Locksmith. The van was unoccupied.

So believing that the locksmith was in the bar near where the van was parked, our preacher went inside, to discover that this was no ordinary bar, this was a lap-dancing club. The dancing, and laps, were in full swing.

So he gets the DJ to make an announcement. The locksmith comes out and cuts a very expensive key, and they are on their way, on time for the flight.

The moral is pray at all tomes, keep God in mind and there will be answers, even if it means entering a lap-dancing club.